Lay Chaplains Perform Rites of Passage

In addition to our Minister, our Lay Chaplains help individuals, families and communities recognize or celebrate significant rites of passage. They provide this service to the larger community beyond our church congregation by creating specific services for those in the broader community, including individuals and families who have no formal association with organized religion.

Rites of Passage

The most frequent rites of passage performed are weddings, memorials and naming ceremonies (to welcome children into the community).

Lay Chaplains also create lesser-known services such as coming of age celebrations, co-parenting commitment services for divorcing couples, or coming out services for gays and lesbians. They would also be delighted to work with individuals, couples or families to create new rituals if necessary.

Provincially Licensed

Our Lay Chaplains are provincially licensed members of our congregation. They are specially trained to offer services marking significant rites of passage to the public.

Meeting the Need

Services may do some or all of the following:

  • respond to individuals who have an important life event to recognize;
  • provide services that are meaningful, but not necessarily religious;
  • create unique rituals and celebrations that are grounded in the values and beliefs of those involved, in language that feels appropriate to them;
  • call participants to be their highest and best selves;
  • meet the needs of people coming from differing faith traditions, or from non-church backgrounds.

Creating a Memorable Event

While ensuring that the basic legal elements of the ceremony are in place, our Lay Chaplains also work with the couple or family involved to create a unique and memorable event reflecting personal needs, tastes and backgrounds, as well as the liberal religious traditions of Unitarianism.

Our Lay Chaplains are ready to perform ceremonies at locations that are especially meaningful to the participants: lakeside, private home or garden; park, or mountaintop. Our sanctuary is also available for rent and is suitable for any rite of passage.

More information:

If you would like more information about rites of passage ceremonies at North Shore Unitarian Church, please call the church office at 604-926-1621.

             Lindsay Hindle

             Lindsay Hindle

Lay Chaplain:  Lindsay Hindle

Lindsay is honoured to design and deliver a variety of meaningful ceremonies for life transitions and celebrations. Drawing on her years of experience in communications and fine arts she is passionate about creating just the right touches to invoke a memorable experience for all.