Our Minister


Rev. Ron phares

Rev. Ron Phares

Rev. Ron Phares

Rev. Ron Phares (email him HERE) began his ministry with us August 1, 2019. Ron has been a UU since his youth, and an ordained minister since 2012.  Before coming to our area, he served the Mountain Vista UU Congregation for eight years in Tucson, Arizona.  Earlier in life, he studied global management and worked in communications and publishing.  Rev. Ron is a deep thinker who speaks, listens and draws people out equally well.  We love his intellect, warmth and humour.


Our Staff

Lynn Sabourin 5.png

LYNN SABOURIN, Director of family ministries

Lynn (email her HERE) has directed the North Shore Unitarians’ children’s program since 1981, during which time our Sunday School enrollment has grown from eight to at times more than 120.

She is a former public school teacher. Lynn has also provided leadership to regional and continental associations of Unitarian Universalist educators. Her husband, Doug, and their three sons all have been active in the church and in Eliot Institute, the Northwest Unitarian Universalist summer camp.



Cara has been involved with the North Shore church school since she was eight years old. She worked with Lynn Sabourin, the Director of Family Ministries, when Lynn first came to the church in the 1980s; Cara taught the younger children while Lynn worked with the older ones.

After a period away from the church, continuing her education and being a special-needs foster mother, she returned in 1995 to take on her present role. She also works in the public school system as a special education assistant.




Alison (email her HERE) was appointed Music Director in September 2003. She conducts several other choral groups in the area including the Douglas College Choral Society, Note Bene Women’s Choir and SummerChor.

Alison is an accomplished violinist and has performed with orchestras in Britain, Switzerland and Vancouver. She is responsible for the church’s music program, which includes a 40-member adult choir, classical ensemble, folk choir and children’s choir. Alison also coordinates the musical component of the weekly Sunday services.


Janni (email her HERE) oversees reception and clerical functions, publishes church documents, maintains our events calendar, updates the church website, handles bank deposits, and helps us all with many other tasks.

Janni joined our staff in October of 2013.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Administrative Management and about thirty years of Office Administration experience, including 7 years working for other churches.  Originally from Seattle, Janni now resides in North Vancouver with her husband and their cats.


Margery (email her HERE) joined the Unitarian Church staff in January 2015. She has over 25 years of bookkeeping experience, all in the not-for-profit sector. She is delighted to be involved with the Unitarian Church again. Her father was an active member of the Church in Ottawa and Winnipeg where she grew up, and she has happy memories of the Sunday School program there.