We offer a wide variety of programs for youth aged 13-18. Our Youth Group meets Sunday evenings at the church, led by our experienced Youth Advisors. Youth leadership roles are encouraged and supported throughout the program in ways that are appropriate for their ages and maturity.  Program topics range from UU identity and various aspects of spirituality and world religions, to relationship issues and the environment. Hands-on social justice projects are also a component of the program.

Other Activities

There are generally 3 other areas of youth program being offered each year.

  • A “Coming of Age” mentorship program is offered as a right of passage for youth 12 and 13 years old as they make their way through the 8th grade.

  • Our Whole Lives (OWL) Sexuality curricula for either Junior High or Senior High youth in alternate years (we offer this curriculum program for younger children as well).

  • A more casual peer mentorship program for Grade 12 students as they navigate their last year of school and their transition to adulthood.

For more information

The Youth Program Advisors would be delighted to talk with you and any member of your family between the ages of 13 to 18 who may be interested in joining our Youth Program.  Please contact the Church Office for more information.