Fellowship Opportunities Abound at NSUC

There are numerous opportunities for fellowship at North Shore Unitarian Church (NSUC). Choose something that suits your style.

After Church Social Time. The easiest way to meet people is to join us for our social hour after the 10:30 a.m. Sunday service. If you’re new, seek out our greeters near the fireplace (wearing yellowsunflowers on their lapels) who will help you learn about our congregation. You may also wish to browse the titles in our library, or join us for a cup of coffee or tea.

Music – Choirs.  Not only is music an integral part of our Sunday services and a service to the congregation, participants in our many music programs at NSUC find it a wonderful way to enjoy the fellowship of other participants and make new friends.  To learn more about our music programs, see Music.

Circle Dinners.  Circle Dinners are times to enjoy conversation and food with different groups of people.  Held on the last Saturday of the month, dinners generally have 6-8 people. Hosts provide space, beverages, and hospitality; guests bring potluck dishes tailored to the dietary needs of the participants.  Contact the Church Office for more info. 

Book Club. The Book Club meets at the church monthly at 10:00 a.m. on the third Thursday of the month to discuss a selected book, usually a work of fiction. Anyone who has read the book is welcome. Check the latest newsletter for the current volume.

The Cronies. A group of older women meet in the church on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m.

Discovery Circles. At various times we offer opportunities for people to meet regularly with the same people to discuss important issues. Often called “small group ministry,” these groups fill a need for intimate connections. They are a place where we can process our fast-moving lives in a trusting environment, where we can be honest with and care for others.

Men’s Groups and Women’s Groups. Within the NSU community are many men’s and women’s group. These small groups usually meet monthly or bi-weekly in people’s homes, and offer a great opportunity for fellowship, mutual support and deep friendship.  Some of these groups have been going for years or decades. New groups are formed when enough additional men or women come forward to form a new men’s or women’s group. For more information, contact our Minister.

FUNdFEST. Every year in May, one of our most exciting events is FUNdFEST. At FUNdFEST, people offer up services for auction. Others bid on them to raise funds for the church. FUNdFEST events include everything from intimate dinners to crazy parties, from a quiet sail trip up Howe Sound to a boisterous car rally, from a night of babysitting to a week in a cozy cottage. Participating in FUNdFEST events is a wonderful way to meet people and have fun, while supporting the efforts of the church. There is always something for everyone, and sometimes you get some great deals! Some FUNdFEST events are opened up during the year to the entire congregation – watch for notices in the newsletter.

September Corn Roast. It’s tradition in our church to offer fresh corn and other tasty treats at a social gathering after church on the first Sunday after Labour Day. It’s a great way to find out what people have been doing during the summer, and to connect with new people who may be visiting our church for the first time. Hope to see you there.

Talent Show. In the spring of each year we invite young and old alike to share their talents with the congregation. It’s a wonderful evening of music, drama, storytelling and dance. They also offer up both great hilarity and poignant moments – laughter and sometimes tears abound. Children and adults alike love to strut their stuff. For children in particular the Talent Show can be a great confidence booster because they get to perform in a safe and appreciative environment.

Secret Buddies Program. Add some “young blood” to your life by joining the Secret Buddies program. It’s a chance for adults and children five years and over to get to know one another and have a little fun. Each spring youngsters are matched with an adult they don’t know. Over a period of six weeks or so they get to know each other by exchanging letters, jokes, puzzles, baby photos, books/movie recommendations and more – anything that helps them get to each other. Identities are not revealed until a culminating potluck supper.

Christmas Pageant. A great way to meet people is to participate in the popular inter-generational pageant held as part of the holiday season. It usually involves a large part of our congregation, and it’s always fun, educational and entertaining. Sign up for a role when the opportunity presents itself.