FundFest Dinner & Auction: April 27th


Dinner & Auction

5pm on Saturday,

April 27th

Our annual FundFest auction one of our church’s main fundraisers (along with our fall Canvass campaign).  Church members and friends donate goods, services, and events to the auction ahead of time.  On auction night, guests enjoy a delicious meal, followed by a fun evening of entertainment and bidding.

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How FundFest Works

  • Members and friends of NSUC donate goods, services, or social events.  These items are auctioned off.

  • Donations are sold at the live and silent auction, where they are purchased by attendees or absentee bidders.

  • Purchasers get a great concert, party, meal, experience, item, skill or service. In the process we get to know each other better and connect more deeply.

  • 100% of FundFest income goes to NSUC.

  • Donors get tax receipts for the dollar amount their donations bring in.


  • Dinner/Auction Tickets will be available for sale in mid March.

  • On the night of our FundFest auction, ticket holders will enjoy a delicious light meal and cash bar, and participate in the Live and Silent Auctions.

  • Newcomers to FundFest will get a $50 Certificate towards their purchases.

  • Free onsite child care is provided (if you tell us the ages of children when you purchase tickets).


  • During the auction, our skilled auctioneers lead you through the paddled but very inclusive bidding.

  • Our team of tech wizards keeps track of who buys what.

  • Donors get a list of what they sold and who bought each item.

  • Donors get a tax receipt at the end of the year for their donations to the FundFest auction.

  • Purchasers get a list of what they bought, from whom, and for how much.  Payment is made to the church. 

  • FundFest brings our community together for great events all year long while also giving us the opportunity to participate in the spiritual practice of generosity.  It’s our biggest revenue source after pledges and rental income.

Donations Ideas

Here are some of the big events from previous years: TED Talks at NSUC, a catered film series, stand-up comedy, concerts, gastronomic experiences, games nights, plus fun and useful workshops of all sorts.  Every year the community surprises us with some new and wonderful events!

For your first time, you may want to just attend the auction and make a few purchases. But feel free to make/ organize/ create a donation as well. It’s not hard to do, especially if you involve others.


Volunteers Needed

Consider volunteering for one of the many support positions that help make this auction possible. Sign up for a Volunteer job on the sign-up sheet downstairs, or online HERE. Contact a committee member for details: Andrea Fast, Leslie Gibbons, Brian McConnell, and Janni Kretlow in the Church Office).

 A Call for Donations

We need donations!  Between now and April 15th, email or phone Janni with a description of your donations of events, treasures and talents or use the online form.  (Donations will be vetted by the FundFest Team before being accepted).



Power & Privilege

Power & Privilege Discovery Circle graphic.png

Catherine Strickland’s Power & Privilege Discovery Circle has scheduled their next meeting for Wednesday, February 20th at 7pm in room RS305. Catherine writes the following:

I was heartened and excited by our meeting last night.  Hopeful that we will create a trusting and encouraging community to explore the issues of power and privilege and what we can do, both as individuals and collectively, to subvert hierarchies and challenge norms that maintain injustice and inequity. 

Here is a link to the article that Dave suggested for our next meeting: 

And a link to a short video on “The myth of Responsibility": 

In addition, we agreed that we would all come with two stories to share, one that is about a time when we experienced NOT having power and privilege, and one when we did.  Below are some suggested questions to ask yourself as you recall these memories to help deepen your understanding and interpretation of the stories.

Story when we did not experience privilege:

  •  How did you feel both during and after the experience?

  • What specific action or statement did not work for you and why?

  • What could others who held privilege in that situation have done to transform the experience for you?

Story when we have privilege:

Many of us have so many experiences, both conscious and unconscious, of having privilege.  I invite you to explore an experience that was particularly intense for you in terms of seeing how your privilege lead to another’s and your own suffering.

  • What specifically did your privilege give you access to?

  • Are you really willing to give this up in order to create a more just world?

  • Reflecting on question 3 above, who might you have done differently to transform the experience of the other person/people who did not hold privilege?

The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace

Armed Man image for online.png

7pm on Saturday, May 11th

at Highlands United Church in North Vancouver

On May 11th, our church community will join many other singers from the wider community to make a strong, collective statement as to the folly of war. A choir of over 100 singers will perform this powerful and intensely moving work as a concert at Highlands United Church.

The Armed Man: A Mass For Peace was commissioned for the millennium by the U.K. Royal Armouries and had its premiere in London.  The CD was released on September 10, 2001.

The human longing for peace is a visceral presence in this mass, as each movement adds to the larger story of war’s devastating impact.  The various texts, as well as the music itself, embrace time periods from the first millennium B.C. to modern times, incorporating the poetic beauty of Islamic, Hindu, and Christian cultures.

Our Music Director, Alison Nixon, has chosen this work intentionally. Unitarian Sources and Principles are congruent with the intentions within this work, and will be included in the program itself. This promises to be a wonderful community event, and an opportunity for us to show the wider community our dedication to peace and justice.

Alison asks each of us to attend this concert personally and also to bring a friend from the wider community. Proceeds from this event will be donated to Amnesty International, and the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture.


snow logo.png

When weather is bad, our main concern is for the safety of our congregants.  It is up to individuals to determine whether or not they feel safe coming to church in inclement weather.

On rare occasions, church services (and other events) may be cancelled due to poor weather conditions.  On a Sunday, the decision will be made by 8am.  

If a Service is cancelled, we will try to notify the congregation several ways, including:

  • Posting a message on our website’s Blog.

  • Emailing congregants on our eBulletin email list.

  • Changing the message on our phone’s answering machine. 

  • Encouraging “word of mouth” communications. 

  • If possible, putting a note on the church door.

Unforeseen situations may prevent these methods of communication, in which case we will use whatever means we can to notify congregants of the closure.

Church events other than Sunday Services may be cancelled for bad weather at the determination of the event leader.  It is the responsibility of the event leader to communicate the cancellation with the participants.


January Outreach Report

Each month, we donate 100% of our Sunday morning offering plate (unless otherwise marked) to a charity whose mission is in line with our Principles.


north shore women's centre.png

In January, we collected $1,433.80 for the North Shore Women’s Centre, whose mission is to improve the social, economic, legal and political status of women, and to encourage and support self-empowerment by acting as a resource and a catalyst for change, from feminist perspectives. Thanks to all who gave generously to this cause!

Wild bird trust of bc.jpg


In February, we will collect donations for the Wild Bird Trust of BC, which is dedicated to the protection of wild birds and their habitat, on the principle that all wildlife must benefit. 


Drawdown text.png
Drawdown book image.png

A qualified and diverse group of researchers from around the world identified, researched, and modeled the most substantive, existing solutions to address climate change. What was uncovered is a path to roll back global warming within 30 years.

Humanity has the means at hand. Nothing new needs to be invented. Our work is to accelerate the knowledge and growth of what is possible.  Learn more about Project DRAWDOWN and meet others in our community who are already actively working toward making a difference.





Power & Privilege Discovery Circle

Power & Privilege Discovery Circle graphic.png

Join us for the initial session of the Power and Privilege Discovery Circle on Wednesday, February 6th at 7 pm in RS 305.

At this meeting we will decide as a group what the focus and format of our discovery will be. Anyone interested in exploring issues of privilege, power, racism, etc. are welcome.

If you have questions, contact Catherine Strickland at .

You can also view the following services by Catherine and Alison Nixon:

Want to be More Connected in Our Community?

Starting Point 1 (2).png

Starting Point
9:30am - 12:30pm Saturdays
February 16th & 23rd

Want to be more connected in our community? Would you like to learn more about our traditions, history and theology? Or perhaps you've been wondering about what it means to formally join our congregation? 

In our Starting Point class, you’ll get to know other newcomers in our community, learn about the history of both our church and Unitarian Universalism and get plugged in with opportunities for creating depth, meaning and purpose. Each session includes a mixture of discussion, activities and time for reflection, sharing, and asking questions. 

Our next session, facilitated by our Connections Coordinator Ariel Hunt-Brondwin, is scheduled for two Saturday mornings, 9:30am-12:30pm on February 16th and 23rd. Free childcare is available at all classes upon request. Please send your RSVP to Ariel ( by February 5th to register.

December Outreach Report

PDF graphic.png

During the month of December, we collected $3,485 for our Pastoral Discretionary Fund, which is used to support various needs of our congregation and the greater community. Thank you to all who gave generously to this important fund.


north shore women's centre.png

In January, 100% of all offering basket donations (unless otherwise marked) will be given to the North Shore Women’s Centre, whose mission is to improve the social, economic and political status of women, and to encourage and support self-empowerment by acting as a resource and a catalyst for change, from a Feminist perspective.

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Update (as of Friday, Nov. 30th)

What happened? 

On Monday afternoon, rainwater penetrated our church basement, flooding the hallway, washrooms, kitchen and Fireside Room.  The Daycare and Preschool buildings were not affected. 

What was our response?

Brian McConnell, who was on site within minutes, discovered large amounts of accumulated water on the grounds between the church and Rod Stewart building.  He hired a local drainage contractor to help resolve the problem.  By 5:30 pm, they had installed pumps to drain the exterior water accumulation, which relieved the pressure on the building foundation and stopped new water from coming in.  

Monday through Wednesday, the B&G team (Barrie Forbes,  Brian McConnell, Bob Vaughan, Brian Welwood), and other volunteers (Joan Cox, Linda Eterman, Judith Gordon, Jan MacQuarrie, Sanford Osler, Mark Pezarro, Jasha Ramsay Latter, Linda Pratt, Michael Robinson & his son River, Gary & Sandra Robinson, Lynn Sabourin, Jim & Marcia Stephenson, Rob Woodbury) completed the work of vacuuming and mopping the water in the basement and moving objects off the wet carpeting onto the hard floor. 

On Tuesday, in consultation with our insurance adjuster and his restoration advisor, we initiated a self-restoration plan that involved extracting water from carpets, removing baseboard trim from the walls, and installing multiple dehumidifiers and fans throughout the space.  By the end of this weekend, we will know if our efforts have sufficiently dried out the basement – but so far, it looks promising.   Carpets feel dry to the touch and humidity readings have lowered drastically. Because we acted quickly, we should be able to prevent mould growth – and we expect a full (and fairly speedy) recovery.

Why did this happen?

On Monday, our area received 30 cm (12”) of rain in a very short period of time, and exterior drainage system was overwhelmed.  In part, this was due to a section of drainage lines that was damaged and partially clogged by tree roots. 

What remains to be done?

OUTSIDE:  The drainage contractor laid out a 2-step plan to solve the drainage problem, which we will begin immediately.  First, we will remove a tree whose roots have penetrated a joint in one of our drain lines, reducing water flow.  Next week, contractors will excavate a 7’ hole in order to repair the affected drain line.  After the line has been repaired, we will have to restore the Daycare fence and play area – but our exterior drains should work properly going forward, preventing future floods. 

INSIDE:   Fans and dehumidifiers have been in place since Tuesday night and will remain in place throughout this weekend.  Early next week, we will measure moisture levels in the area to ensure that proper drying has taken place.  Once the walls and flooring are sufficiently dry, we will replace the baseboards and return furniture and other items to their places.  We will need volunteers to help with all of this!


The NSUC Board of Trustees is looking at all the issues, including costs.  Once we know more, we will share that information as appropriate. 


We appreciate the outpouring of support and volunteer effort from the congregation in response to this emergency.

~ Marcia Stephenson, Board President