FundFest Dinner & Auction: April 27th


Dinner & Auction

5pm on Saturday,

April 27th

Our annual FundFest auction one of our church’s main fundraisers (along with our fall Canvass campaign).  Church members and friends donate goods, services, and events to the auction ahead of time.  On auction night, guests enjoy a delicious meal, followed by a fun evening of entertainment and bidding.

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How FundFest Works

  • Members and friends of NSUC donate goods, services, or social events.  These items are auctioned off.

  • Donations are sold at the live and silent auction, where they are purchased by attendees or absentee bidders.

  • Purchasers get a great concert, party, meal, experience, item, skill or service. In the process we get to know each other better and connect more deeply.

  • 100% of FundFest income goes to NSUC.

  • Donors get tax receipts for the dollar amount their donations bring in.


  • Dinner/Auction Tickets will be available for sale in mid March.

  • On the night of our FundFest auction, ticket holders will enjoy a delicious light meal and cash bar, and participate in the Live and Silent Auctions.

  • Newcomers to FundFest will get a $50 Certificate towards their purchases.

  • Free onsite child care is provided (if you tell us the ages of children when you purchase tickets).


  • During the auction, our skilled auctioneers lead you through the paddled but very inclusive bidding.

  • Our team of tech wizards keeps track of who buys what.

  • Donors get a list of what they sold and who bought each item.

  • Donors get a tax receipt at the end of the year for their donations to the FundFest auction.

  • Purchasers get a list of what they bought, from whom, and for how much.  Payment is made to the church. 

  • FundFest brings our community together for great events all year long while also giving us the opportunity to participate in the spiritual practice of generosity.  It’s our biggest revenue source after pledges and rental income.

Donations Ideas

Here are some of the big events from previous years: TED Talks at NSUC, a catered film series, stand-up comedy, concerts, gastronomic experiences, games nights, plus fun and useful workshops of all sorts.  Every year the community surprises us with some new and wonderful events!

For your first time, you may want to just attend the auction and make a few purchases. But feel free to make/ organize/ create a donation as well. It’s not hard to do, especially if you involve others.


Volunteers Needed

Consider volunteering for one of the many support positions that help make this auction possible. Sign up for a Volunteer job on the sign-up sheet downstairs, or online HERE. Contact a committee member for details: Andrea Fast, Leslie Gibbons, Brian McConnell, and Janni Kretlow in the Church Office).

 A Call for Donations

We need donations!  Between now and April 15th, email or phone Janni with a description of your donations of events, treasures and talents or use the online form.  (Donations will be vetted by the FundFest Team before being accepted).