Truth, Healing & Reconciliation

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7-9pm in our Sanctuary

two Wednesday nights each month


*Exact dates are shown on the Church calendar or are available from the Church Office

If you are committed to evolving your capacity to engage with Truth, Healing and Reconciliation between Canada’s settler population and Indigenous Nations, please join us for this series being offered by Catherine Strickland, Pat Meyer and

Indigenous Educator Sierra Tasi Baker.

The series provides the history and present realities of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada, so that we may develop relationships based on dignity, respect, and justice. It includes learning opportunities about the Residential School System and the broader context of colonization in which it occurred, including historical and present-day examples of injustices faced by Indigenous people.

The material will be both intellectually and emotionally challenging. Please commit to attending all sessions and to completing homework in between. Pat and Catherine will offer support and community in this journey for the duration of the program. Space is limited to 12 participants.

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