Wounded Words

Wounded Words.png

Navigating the Minefield of Religious Vocabulary

with Rev. Marcus

God. Worship. Prayer. Sin.  Feeling uncomfortable yet?  How about Salvation, Soul, Faith or even Church?

We live in a world where religion shows up in the headlines more often associated with violence than peace. Many of us have painful childhood memories associated with religion, or have chosen to make a break with the traditions of our families over important values. Many of us, especially my cohort of urban Millennials, are probably more likely to regularly hear spiritual talk at a commercial yoga studio than in a religious community.

So what do these “wounded words” really mean? Where did they come from and how did their meaning develop over time? What happened to wound them so deeply for so many of our ears? And why do people continue to use them and what meaning does the progressive theology of our tradition make of them?

This series will be held the first Sunday of each month, October-June, in the Sanctuary from 12:30-2:00pm. We’ll take one word each month and explore its history and meaning in our culture and in our lives. Drop-in for one session, come when you can, or join me for the whole series—no registration required. Looking forward to having this conversation with you!