Summer at NSUC

Sunday Services:  We’re taking July off — but please join us for Sunday Services in August.  (More info on page 3).

Ministers:  Emily and Marcus will be on summer break and out of email contact from June 20th to August 14th, but will be available by phone for Emergency Pastoral Care and member Rite of Passage services.  (Emily 604-704-6749; Marcus 604-704-6740).

Lay Chaplains:  Our Lay Chaplains will be available throughout the summer to perform Rite of Passage services such as weddings, memorials, child dedications, and other life transition events.  Please contact the Church Office if you need their assistance (keep in mind that Janni will respond to phone/email messages on Mondays and Fridays only).

Board of Trustees:  Lesley Giroday (President) and Marcia Stephenson (VP Congregational) will be available for church-related issues throughout most of the summer. 

Church Office:  Janni will work 10am-1pm on some Mondays and Fridays throughout the summer, and will check voice messages and emails on the Mondays/Fridays she is away.  Her office days are shown on the Church Calendar.

Lynn Sabourin, Director of Lifespan Learning:  Lynn will work limited days during the summer.  Her out-of-office days are shown on the church calendar for July & August.