Cancelling Church Services due to Snow or Other Emergencies

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On rare occasions, church services and events may be cancelled due to extremely snowy conditions, loss of electricity, or other emergency situations.  When this happens on a Sunday morning, the decision will be made prior to 8:00 am.  


Our number one concern is for the safety of our congregants.  We recognize that there are many factors that determine the safety of driving in inclement weather.  Therefore, it is not possible for us to have a “one size fits all” recommendation when it comes to emergency situations and inclement weather.  We leave it up to individuals to determine whether or not they feel safe coming to church considering road conditions and other factors. 


On rare occasions, church may be cancelled due to inclement weather, power outages, or for other reasons deemed necessary at the time.  When this happens, church events scheduled on that day will also be cancelled.  We will use several methods to notify the congregation of church closures, including:
1.    Posting a message on the Home Page of our website.
2.    Posting a message on our Blog. 
3.    Sending out a mass email to the members and friends who are on our eBulletin email list (if you don't receive our eBulletins but would like to, please notify our office so we can include you).  
4.    Changing the message on our phone’s answering machine to announce the closure.  
5.    Encouraging “word of mouth” communications.  Although we have no official “phone tree” in place, we encourage members and friends to communicate with each other via phone about closures, especially those who may not have online or email access to the information.  


Church events other than Sunday Services may be cancelled due to inclement weather conditions at the determination of the event leader.  It is generally the responsibility of the event leader to communicate the cancellation with the participants.