Spirituality for Freethinkers and Nontheists

Many of us are freethinkers

Many members of our congregation consider themselves to be freethinkers or nontheists – that is, they do not accept or believe in a God or other deity with supernatural powers who cares about and intervenes in the affairs of humans on earth. This nonacceptace of theism can take different forms, or be called by different names, such as humanism, atheism, freethinking, secularism or agnosticism. Yet all of these members find the North Shore Unitarians a welcome home, and supportive place for living a life of depth, meaning and purpose.

Seeking spirituality and spiritual growth

Rejection of the supernatural aspects of religion does not, by any means, require the rejection of all aspects of religion, nor the lessening of the human desire and need for fulfillment of the spiritual side of our natures. Indeed, many of our members first came to our church or to Unitarian Universalism primarily because they were in search of a place where one can find spirituality and spiritual growth without believing in the supernatural aspects of many traditional religions – that is, in the existence of a god who watches over and intervenes in human affairs, or in miracles, heaven and hell, and similar beliefs.

Finding a spiritual home here, without the supernatural

In our North Shore Unitarian community nonbelievers as well as believers will find many of the precious, touching and consoling things that human have long looked for religions to provide – an accepting and understanding community of fellow humans, inspiration and assistance with finding purpose and meaning in life, consolation in times of sorrow and grief, joy in times of celebration, and opportunities to connect with or be of service to others meaningfully – all without the supernatural.