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Update (as of Friday, Nov. 30th)

What happened? 

On Monday afternoon, rainwater penetrated our church basement, flooding the hallway, washrooms, kitchen and Fireside Room.  The Daycare and Preschool buildings were not affected. 

What was our response?

Brian McConnell, who was on site within minutes, discovered large amounts of accumulated water on the grounds between the church and Rod Stewart building.  He hired a local drainage contractor to help resolve the problem.  By 5:30 pm, they had installed pumps to drain the exterior water accumulation, which relieved the pressure on the building foundation and stopped new water from coming in.  

Monday through Wednesday, the B&G team (Barrie Forbes,  Brian McConnell, Bob Vaughan, Brian Welwood), and other volunteers (Joan Cox, Linda Eterman, Judith Gordon, Jan MacQuarrie, Sanford Osler, Mark Pezarro, Jasha Ramsay Latter, Linda Pratt, Michael Robinson & his son River, Gary & Sandra Robinson, Lynn Sabourin, Jim & Marcia Stephenson, Rob Woodbury) completed the work of vacuuming and mopping the water in the basement and moving objects off the wet carpeting onto the hard floor. 

On Tuesday, in consultation with our insurance adjuster and his restoration advisor, we initiated a self-restoration plan that involved extracting water from carpets, removing baseboard trim from the walls, and installing multiple dehumidifiers and fans throughout the space.  By the end of this weekend, we will know if our efforts have sufficiently dried out the basement – but so far, it looks promising.   Carpets feel dry to the touch and humidity readings have lowered drastically. Because we acted quickly, we should be able to prevent mould growth – and we expect a full (and fairly speedy) recovery.

Why did this happen?

On Monday, our area received 30 cm (12”) of rain in a very short period of time, and exterior drainage system was overwhelmed.  In part, this was due to a section of drainage lines that was damaged and partially clogged by tree roots. 

What remains to be done?

OUTSIDE:  The drainage contractor laid out a 2-step plan to solve the drainage problem, which we will begin immediately.  First, we will remove a tree whose roots have penetrated a joint in one of our drain lines, reducing water flow.  Next week, contractors will excavate a 7’ hole in order to repair the affected drain line.  After the line has been repaired, we will have to restore the Daycare fence and play area – but our exterior drains should work properly going forward, preventing future floods. 

INSIDE:   Fans and dehumidifiers have been in place since Tuesday night and will remain in place throughout this weekend.  Early next week, we will measure moisture levels in the area to ensure that proper drying has taken place.  Once the walls and flooring are sufficiently dry, we will replace the baseboards and return furniture and other items to their places.  We will need volunteers to help with all of this!


The NSUC Board of Trustees is looking at all the issues, including costs.  Once we know more, we will share that information as appropriate. 


We appreciate the outpouring of support and volunteer effort from the congregation in response to this emergency.

~ Marcia Stephenson, Board President

November Outreach Report

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During the month of November, 100% of our offering basket (unless otherwise marked) was donated to the North Shore Lookout Shelter, which provides assistance to people who are homeless. Special thanks to everyone who contributed! We raised $1,384.75 for the shelter.

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In December, 100% of our offering basked (unless otherwise marked) will be donated the Pastoral Discretionary Fund, which our Minister uses to provide practical support for our congregation and the wider community.

Christmas Baskets for the Needy

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Christmas Hampers
Our Social Responsibility Team is organizing Christmas hampers for two small families and two seniors in need.  We need volunteer shoppers to help make this season special for these people for whom our hampers make a big difference. 

We need both cash donations, and gifts.  You can place cash/cheque donations in the offering plate (label the envelope as "Christmas Hampers" so we know how to apply the funds).  Please see the wish lists posted on the downstairs bulletin board. Sign up on the bulletin board downstairs, or by contacting the church office.

Here are the wish lists (please phone the office or see the sign-up sheet in the stairwell to see what items have already been provided):

  • Family 1 (16-year-old boy, adult female, disabled adult male)

  • Family 2 (single mom with 14 & 15 year old sons)

  • Senior 1 (68-year-old female who was homeless last year)

  • Senior 2 (72-year-old female)

Bring your unwrapped items to the church by Wed.  December 12th so we can wrap and deliver our gifts on Thur. December 13th.   Questions?  Contact the Church Office (604-926-1621).

June Outreach Report

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Each month, we donate 100% of our offering plate (unless otherwise marked) to a nonprofit organization whose mission is in line with our principles.  During June, we collected $1,455.05 for the Rainbow Refugee Society, a Vancouver based community group that supports people seeking refugee protection in Canada because of persecution based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or HIV status.  

We are not holding regular church services during July, so our next Outreach campaign will take place in August when we raise funds for "Are You Syrious" -- a local group that's sponsoring a Syrian Refugee family.  

Summer Newsletter Available!

2018.summer newsletter icon.png

Our Summer Newsletter is available online HERE or in print on our foyer table.  It contains important information about what's happening here over the summer, as well as news about recent events.  We've said goodbye to Revs. Marcus & Emily Hartlief, and are welcoming the Rev. Dr. Barbara Wells ten Hove -- our Consulting Minister for the next year.  More info in the newsletter!