January's theme "Possibility"

January 27th, 10:30am. “An Endless Supply of Now” by Rev. Dr. Barbara Wells ten Hove. When there is no such thing as now and yet every time is now, how do you plan your day? There will be a New Member Welcome Ceremony as part of the service.

February's theme "Creativity"

February 3rd, 10:30am. “The Call and Spirit of Creativity” by Rev. Dr. Barbara Wells ten Hove with Sunday Service Associate Lindsay Hindle. I believe that creativity is holy and one of the most important elements of our humanness. It is through creativity that some of the best elements of humanity emerge.

February 10th, 10:30am. “Rocked by the Infinite” by Rev. Dr. Barbara Wells ten Hove with Sunday Service Associate Sunny Wachowski. The poetry of Stanley Kunitz speaks to the human condition in powerful ways. This service will reflect on his words supported by improvisational music and reflections.

February 17th, 10:30am. “The Dented Cup” by Rev. Dr. Peter Luton with Sunday Service Associate Kerry Burke. I was mansplaining to a friend how she could respond to a particular challenge.  She put up her hand and said, “Would you, please, stop talking and just listen to me?”  People pay good money to therapists for the healing and clarity that bubble up in us when we are truly heard and understood.   Rev. Luton lives in Bellingham, Washington.  He served at East Shore Unitarian Church in Bellevue, Washington for 21 years, and at the First Universalist Church in Yarmouth, Maine for 12.  He has served on the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association Executive Committee and it’s Continuing Education Committee, as well as on the Board of Trustees for Meadville/Lombard Theological School in Chicago, Illinois and on numerous local boards and task forces focused on GLBTQ rights, AIDS, Child Abuse Prevention and Civil Rights.  Now, Peter enjoys retirement and volunteers twice a week at the local food bank and with Whatcom County Habitat For Humanity.

February 24th, 10:30am. Multi-Generational Service led by Lynn Sabourin (Director of Family Ministries) and Ariel Hunt-Brondwin (Youth & Connections Coordinator).

March's theme "Journey"

April's theme "Wholeness"

May's theme "Curiosity"

June's theme "Beauty"


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