june's theme "Blessing"

June 24th, 10:30am.  "The Heart Is Bigger Than Trouble" by Rev. Barbara Wells ten Hove.  Trouble and Challenges are inevitable. How do we find the heart to face our doubts and face the world with hope rather than fear? Religious Community is a wonderful place to start.


JULY's theme "deep listening"

Instead of our regular Sunday services in July, our Board is hosting a series of Sunday  morning drop-in discussions called "CONVERSATIONS WITH THE BOARD" from 10:30 to 11:15 on the following Sundays in July:

July 1st 10:30am. Happy Canada Day!  The Church is closed this Sunday.

July 8th, 10:30am. "Conversations with the Board: Thrive in Spirit".  Board Secretary ElJean Wilson will offer a trial session of the spiritual practice of Peace Writing. Extra bonus: ElJean will bring along a sample of the Chalice rug hooking project that will be touched by many hands before it is completed and sent to the Hartlief family with our love.

July 15th, 10:30am. "Conversations with the Board: Carry Our Message to All the World".  Join Treasurer Wayne Hanna and President Marcia Stephenson, who will convene "Kitchen Table Talks" focus groups to answer the question posed by the social planners at North Vancouver City and North Vancouver District: :What about You-Me-Us: Let's Create a Caring North Van!" Our congregation has been granted a special extension beyond the June 25th submission deadline to offer our perspectives on "What Makes North Van a Caring Community?" People from beyond the municipal boundaries of those communities welcome to attend and participate. If you can't make it that Sunday, there's still time to express your opinion HERE.  

July 22 and 29th, 10:30am. Watch this space and future e-bulletins for updates on these services featuring the themes Belong with Heart and Act in Service.



August 5th, 10:30am.  TBD by Kerry Burke.

August 12th, 10:30am.  Theologians' Cafe "Science, Technology and Ethics" facilitated by John Slattery. Rapid progress in the development of artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, the workings of the human brain and many other fields raise serious ethical questions that religious people (and non-religious people for that matter) are struggling to come to terms with. Some developments even seem to strike at the very foundations of the spiritual experience itself. Is our technology out pacing our ability to cope with it all?

August 19th, 10:30am.  "Love On" by Rev. Barbara Wells ten Hove.

August 26th, 10:30am.  "Sitting Under Jonah's Tree" by Rev. Barbara Wells ten Hove.


September's Theme "Vision"

OCTOBER's theme "abundance"

November's theme "Awe"

December's theme "Mystery"

January's theme "Possibility"

February's theme "Creativity"

March's theme "Journey"

April's theme "Wholeness"

May's theme "Curiosity"

June's theme "Beauty"


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