August 5th, 10:30am.  "For the Love of Guitars" by Kerry Burke. Over my lifetime, I’ve collected guitars to play in the many situations required of a music therapist. Some are electric, some acoustic, some electronic, each has a story, a history of triumphs and tragedy, a personality, and plays certain kinds of music best. With my best friend Matthew vanderGeissen playing bass and cello, and my son Jonathan playing percussion and drums, we explore the instruments, their stories and the many styles of music they play best. Expect some special guests for a very special service. Playing music is a spiritual exercise for me that measures how near or far I am from touching the perfection that I call divinity.

August 12th, 10:30am.  Theologians' Cafe "Science, Technology and Ethics" facilitated by John Slattery. Rapid progress in the development of artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, the workings of the human brain and many other fields raise serious ethical questions that religious people (and non-religious people for that matter) are struggling to come to terms with. Some developments even seem to strike at the very foundations of the spiritual experience itself. Is our technology out pacing our ability to cope with it all?

August 19th, 10:30am.  "Love On" by Rev. Barbara Wells ten Hove.  Join Rev. Barbara and her sister, professional musician Brooksie Wells, as they sing and share about love in its many musical forms.

August 26th, 10:30am.  "Holy Horcrux!" by Rev. Barbara Wells ten Hove.  Love lies at the heart of so much literature. How love is played out in the Harry Potter books has a powerful story to tell us of sacrifice, friendship and facing our fears.


September's Theme "Vision"

OCTOBER's theme "abundance"

November's theme "Awe"

December's theme "Mystery"

January's theme "Possibility"

February's theme "Creativity"

March's theme "Journey"

April's theme "Wholeness"

May's theme "Curiosity"

June's theme "Beauty"


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