OCTOBER's theme "abundance"

October 28th, 10:30am. “Why Die? The Quest for Immortality” Death happens to everyone so why then does it cause such fear? Does the desire for immortality hinder or help us? Led by Rev. Dr. Barbara Wells ten Hove with Lay Chaplain Lindsay Hindle.

November's theme "Awe"

November 4th, 10:30am. “Privilege: Where do we stand?” by Catherine Strickland. Privilege is unearned power that we are granted as members of certain social groups at a cost to others. It is not something we took nor is it something we can give away. Catherine will share her personal journey of becoming aware of how privilege has shaped her life and how systems of privilege are embedded in our culture, our institutions and our communities. She will then invite us to question how privilege shapes our NSUC community and how we can begin to dismantle its power.

November 11th, 10:30am. “War and Remembrance” by Rev. Dr. Barbara Wells ten Hove. On the 100th Anniversary of End of WWI, we will, with somber hearts, acknowledge the price paid during that conflict and the challenges we continue to face to create peace in our world.  

November 18th, 10:30am. “Where the Awesome Meets the Familiar” by Rev. Dr. Barbara Wells ten Hove. Religion and spirituality come from a profound yet humble place inside the human spirit. We'll explore what happens when we approach the world with both awe and humility.

November 25th, 10:30am. “Dissembling a Culture of White Supremacy” by Alison Nixon.

December's theme "Mystery"

January's theme "Possibility"

February's theme "Creativity"

March's theme "Journey"

April's theme "Wholeness"

May's theme "Curiosity"

June's theme "Beauty"


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