We Know Who Likes Us -- and We're Pumped!

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At last - we know who likes us.  And we’re pumped!

The Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) has so far received 12 expressions of interest from ministerial candidates.  That’s above average (compared to other congregations), in a year where minister applications are at their lowest level ever.  We take this as a sign that our congregation has lots of offer.

The candidates are all qualified and capable, and many of them have great life and church experience.  It’s always such an honour to read their life stories, paths to ministry, and love for our tradition.  So inspiring for us as a team.  

It was exciting and informative to narrow down the field, and reach consensus on who might best fit with us.  We’ve now chosen seven candidates to interview via video conference.

Within the next two weeks, we’ll invite 3-4 to to Vancouver for a pre-candidating weekend in February or March.   Only the MSC will spend time with candidates on those weekends.

We’re into a “cone of silence” about candidates now.  Some applicants have not told their congregations they’re looking elsewhere so, as you can imagine, confidentiality is key.  However, feel free to ask any of us about the process.  We’d love to chat.