Fall Newsletter Update from MSC

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Published in our Fall Newsletter:

While the Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) has mostly hibernated over the summer, we are now waking up to a busy schedule.

Sue Forbes has been negotiating “neutral-pulpit” spaces where the MSC can meet prospective candidates. This was a key summer task and we are grateful to Sue.

The MSC will hold a week-end planning retreat with a UUA facilitator over the last weekend of August. This is our time to fully comprehend our task, assign roles, and build camaraderie.

We decided in the Spring, shortly after being appointed, to defer a congregational survey until the Fall. So watch for your opportunity to fill out the survey. There will be both on-line and hard-copy opportunities to give us your opinions. The survey will provide us with both congregational statistics for prospective candidates, and with your guidance for our search.

While we are mindful of our challenges, we are also aware of the opportunity we offer to serve a congregation with the energy, future plans, new building prospects, and momentum left by our previous co-ministers.

May our optimism bring the results we all want.

~ Jim Stephenson for the MSC