MSC Updates from our Winter 2018-19 Newsletter

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The work of finding a new settled minister is progressing right on schedule. Collectively we’ve completed our “Congregational Record” – you by providing detailed input and thoughtful feedback (via the survey, town halls, interviews, etc.), and the MSC by mining the data and crafting it into

a compelling synopsis. It was no small task, and we thank you for helping make it truly representative of our community.

The Record will give prospective ministers a detailed overview of who we are, where we’re going, and who we’re looking for. It highlights our history, strengths, challenges, finances and congregational health. In a nutshell the Record will convey this message to ministers:

You will want consider this bold congregation because:  

· We are a vibrant 52-year old congregation.

· We have a plan to change “the way we do church” for the 21st century.

· We need/want your skills and creativity to help us transform for the future.

· We’re located in one of the most desirable and multi-cultural regions on earth.

· We offer a good salary and benefits, AND we have a solution for the crazy high house prices (which will be revealed by the Board at a later date.)

· Our country offers universal health care, great public education and other progressive social policies. 

· We’re creative and caring, and if you love us we’ll love you right back!

The MSC has been collecting information for a “Congregational Packet” to share with potential ministers. This includes dozens of documents that illustrate who we are and how we do things (eg. Board minutes, annual report, general meeting minutes, organizational chart) and information about the North Shore.  Additionally, our MSC chair, Lesley Giroday, has worked diligently with a negotiating team and the board to develop the contract for our potential minister – with all the details about salary, benefits, etc. Assuming our materials all pass muster with Rev. Keith Kron (the Director of Transitions with the UUA in Boston), they will be published on the UUA’s search website in December. Ministers in search (which range from 90-120 in any given year) will review their choices, and expressions of interest will flow through the UUA to us in January.

We expect to pique the interest of many ministerial prospects who share our values and goals, and who would love to lead us to new heights. If all goes well, we will present a candidate to the congregation in late April/early May 2019.  We have a great team working well together for the benefit of our church community. For more info about our team and process, check out the MSC blog on our church web site.  Feel free to contact any member of our team if you have questions or concerns.