Ministerial Search Committee Update

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The work of finding a new settled minister, hopefully to join us in August 2019, is well underway. A main focus over the last six weeks has been to consult with the congregation about what characteristics we’d like to see in our new Minister. This has been done mainly through the survey, interviews with core staff and the Board, and two Town Halls. We’ve also been busy reviewing many documents and reports and previous NSUC search filings.

We’re currently deep into analyzing the survey results, and preparing the information about our church/congregation that will be posted by the UUA on their search website in early December. These materials - the "Congregational Record" - will be reviewed by Ministers in search, and will result in applications to us by Jan 1/19. 

Our record includes answers to dozens of questions about who we are as a congregation and how we function, and what we are seeking in a Minister, among many other things. The record also includes dozens of documents that illustrate who we are and how we do things (eg. Board minutes, annual report, general meeting minutes, organizational chart) and some information about the North Shore as a place to work and live.  

Consultations with the UUA are ongoing about the preparation of our record, compensation recommendations, their draft ministerial contract etc. Contract drafting is underway and will soon be submitted to the Board. We have provided Janni with some suggestions on the website to ensure it has been updated and is current, accurate and best reflects us to potential new ministers. Preparations have been made to interview and host pre-candidates early next year. All of this leads to, all things going well, presenting a candidate to the congregation in late April/early May 2019.  

We have a great team working well together for the benefit of our church community. For more info about our team and process, check out the MSC blog on our church web site. And feel free to contact any member of our team if you have questions or concerns.