The Young adult Community

Young adults are a vital part of our congregation and wider faith community. Informal gatherings and larger conferences for Unitarian Universalist young adults, roughly ages 18-35, happen throughout the year in the Metro Vancouver area and beyond. Blue Boat Home is a wonderful blog with lots of information about what's happening in the world of UU young adults.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about how to get connected with young adults, speak with our Minister, or contact our Church Office.

Facebook Groups

There are a variety of Facebook groups for UU young adults that provide forums for discussion and event planning. Information on everything from group camping retreats to Chaplaincy trainings to meet-ups can be found on these pages:

UU Young Adults in Vancouver

UU Young Adult Growth Lab

The Hub: Young Adult UUs

Canadian Unitarian Universalist Young Adults (CUUYA)

Pacific Northwest Unitarian Universalist Young Adults (PNWUUYA)

UU Bridge Builders of the Pacific Northwest (18-25)